Choosing Hardscape Products

The selection of masonry products available for patios, walls, and stairs are endless. All the different colors, sizes, and shapes can get confusing and be overwhelming to choose from. Manufacturers all claim to have the best products. So where do you start? I usually tell people to think about the overall vision of your project. Are you looking for a contemporary, rustic, or old-world style? Then think about what colors do you think would go well with the color of your house and the style of your project. Next, choose which patterns or shapes of hardscape you like the best. Once you have answered those questions and some choices have been made you can start to narrow it down to one or two choices. Before making the final decision I would check to see if local manufacturers carry the choices you made in order to save on shipping costs. Price is also a major factor. You usually get what you pay for but some of my favorite hardscape products are actually a great value.